Terms and Conditions

Severe weather

Our Revolvashade umbrella products are designed for outdoor residential and light commercial use.

They are wind-tested for durability, but our products are not designed to withstand severe weather events. We recommend that you close the umbrella and secure the tie to prevent damage and if possible, use a protective storage cover.


Permanent outdoor umbrellas should be hosed regularly to remove dust and droppings, and properly cleaned at least every 12 months. The safest method is to wash the fabric with mild soap in lukewarm water followed by thorough rinsing. A soft sponge or cloth should be used, not a scour or brush which could damage the fabric. Once the fabric is completely dry, a water repellent can be applied to protect the fabric, always in accordance with the product care instructions.

Bleach cleaners and oxygen-based whitening products can change the colour of the fabric and should not be used without consulting the care and cleaning guide which accompanies the product.


The UV rating of our umbrellas varies between fabric types and colours, but our solution-dyed acrylic provides 99% UV protection and is highly colourfast and fade resistant. Over time, the colour of our fabric can fade slightly due to sun exposure. Our umbrella canopies are covered by a 5-year warranty for the fabric and stitching.

Product Use

Our umbrellas feature a revolving lock that must always be engaged securely. Our umbrellas are flexible but must be adjusted between each position, and not allowed to swing whilst unattended.

Our umbrellas must be used in accordance with the instructions and guides for each product to avoid damaging the product. If our umbrellas are not used and stored in accordance with the user guide, the product warranty may be void.

Installation by us

Incorrect installation of our umbrellas can be dangerous, so we recommend that our products are only installed our wholesalers or licensed builders. They can ensure that no underground services exist where the umbrella poles will be installed, to avoid damage to underground services. Our umbrella poles are designed to be installed into stable ground or bolted down securely. The type of ground in which the pole is installed affects the stability and safety of the umbrella.

Supply-only sales and DIY Installation

We may sell our umbrellas to you on a supply-only basis. We do not recommend that any person should attempt to install our umbrella products unless they are suitably qualified and trained to perform that type of work. Installation of our products is difficult and risky. Our umbrella poles are very heavy and can cause injury when lifted, and damage to underground services can cause electric shock, flooding, and extensive damage. Incorrect installation can result in the pole moving from its original position, or being dislodged, especially during severe weather events. Incorrect installation can result in injury or death.

Where our product is sold on a supply-only basis, we accept no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, including without limitation loss of business, personal injury, damage to property or economic loss arising out of or in connection with the transportation, installation, storage or use of our product after completion of the sale transaction at our depot. The warranty for supply-only products is limited to claims that are not connected to the transportation, storage, use, and installation of the products.

Returns and repairs

We are the only authorised repairers of our products unless we specifically state otherwise. Any unauthorised repairs or alterations will void the product warranty. The cost of transportation to our depot and insurance for the purpose of warranty claims and repairs is to be paid by you. We will pay the costs of transportation and insurance to return the product to you.

It is important to follow our guidelines for safely packaging our products for transportation to avoid damage. We accept no liability for damage that occurs during transportation to our depot.


All of our product warranties strictly exclude the following risks: torn fabric, fabric colour fade, worn consumable parts, misuse, fire, flood, hail, high winds, earthquake, landslide, and drought. ‘Misuse’ includes allowing children to use the product unsupervised and includes failing to pull clear the canopy fabric from the arm struts when opening and closing the canopy.

Each product will be accompanied by a user guide which provides instructions for installation, use and operation of the product, care and cleaning instructions and product-specific warranty conditions. Your warranty rights are determined by both of these important documents.

Ultimate Umbrella, Deluxe Cantilever Umbrella and Econoshade

These products come in various canopy sizes each with different wind ratings. The 3.6m canopy has a certified wind rating of up to 92.5km/h, 4m has a certified wind rating of up to 81km/h and the 4.5m has a certified wind rating of up to 60km/h. These tested wind ratings apply if the canopy is erected in a horizontal position. A tilted canopy will have a lower wind rating. Wind ratings are to be used as a guide for determining which product will be required for a particular location. Our testing cannot replicate the conditions of wind gusts and multiple directions of travel. We cannot guarantee that our products will withstand a particular wind speed without sustaining damage. The frame is covered by a 8-year frame warranty and a 5-year fabric warranty.

Tandem Umbrella

The product comes in various canopy sizes from a single 3.6m canopy, up to a 5m plus 5m tandem canopy. The wind rating is up to 60km/h depending on the size and shape of the canopy.

The large size of the Tandem Umbrella means this product is suited to areas protected from strong winds. The frame is covered by a 8-year frame warranty and a 5-year fabric warranty.

Light Commercial Umbrella

The Solution Dyed Acrylic canopy is designed to stay open and remain rigid. It is durable but not indestructible. Water, salt water, hail, and debris brought by wind will cause the canopy to deteriorate over time. The frame of the Light Commercial Umbrella is covered by a 8-year frame warranty and a 5-year canopy warranty.