We were recently welcomed by kind and meticulous A and E onto their beautiful property on the northern part of the Gold Coast. As the highest point in the suburb, their property is exposed to both beautiful views and wind in almost every direction. We sat down with A to ask why he chose the Revolvashade umbrella and how he was enjoying it so far. They’ve placed their umbrella to maximise their enjoyment of their pool, spa and seating area – they simply rotate their Deluxe to maximise their shade where they want it. While there’s no need to tilt it in the middle of the day, the tilt functions come to their own in the evenings, and will be used heavily in Winter as the sun is lower in the sky all day.

Umbrella: Deluxe 3.6m Octagonal Double Tilt

Colours: Dark charcoal canopy with silver frame

We sat down with Anton to chat about his Revolvashade umbrella. Hear what he has to say in the video below or read the transcription below:

Interview Transcription:

A, why did you choose Revolvashade?

We’re in a very exposed position here on a hill and we’ve struggled with many different umbrellas in the past, they kept falling over, even with solid, heavy bases and we had the pool, and never really found a suitable solution. When we got the spa, we really needed an umbrella, so we researched carefully and found the amazing wind-rating of Revolvashade – it really sold us – plus ease of use and the other features: it’s just an awesome umbrella.

How many months of the year do you think you’ll use your umbrella?

We’ll use it definitely in Summer but in Winter as well, because of the spa. We look forward to having midday spas and the sun here in South East Queensland is fierce, so with the tilt function, we can angle the umbrellas so when the sun is low on the North, and use it very much all year round.

Would you recommend you Revolvashade umbrella to other people?

Absolutely. We’ve had multiple gatherings of friends and family since we’ve had it installed and I always point it out and show them the seatbelt technology and how easy it is to turn around and adjust, so yes, really, really love it. It’s awesome.

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