The Difference Between Our Products

To see a diagram that summarises the differences between our Classic, Deluxe, and Ultimate umbrellas, see the table below.

Econoshade Classic 

The Econoshade umbrella is our entry level product. Although it holds the same canopy material and shape, it sports a square frame with external mechanics and a wire winding the canopy’s spread. The only optional aspects to this product include:

  • Sizes: 3.2m, 3.6m, 4.0m
  • Canopy colour
  • Frame colour
  • Standard accessories

Deluxe and Ultimate

Our Deluxe and Ultimate range are quite similar in most ways. They both:

  • Offer double tilt
  • Have an extruded frame with the mechanics built inside

They are separated by three distinguishing features; the sizes, shapes and height adjustability. The Ultimate does have the ability to be heightened or lowered on the mast, which no other product can do. This does limit the options for shapes and sizes. The Ultimate shapes and sizes available include:

  • 3.6m octagonal
  • 4.0m octagonal
  • 4.5m octagonal

To contrast, the Deluxe is available in these shapes and sizes:

  • 3.2m octagonal/square
  • 3.6m octagonal/square
  • 4.0m octagonal
  • 4.0m x 2.6m rectangular
  • 2.6m x 4.0m rectangular
  • 4.5m octagonal
  • 5.0m octagonal


The Light Commercial umbrella is the most distinct product of the four as it is built specifically for heavier winds, thus, has no tilt functions and winding handle.