The Difference Between Our Products

 Revolvashade Classic 

The Classic umbrella is our entry level product. The canopy comes in the traditional octagonal shape in 100% UV block acrylic canvas. The mast differs from the Deluxe and Ultimate ranges as it sports a square frame with external mechanics and a wire winding mechanism . The Classic rotates 360 degrees and has single tilt functionality. The only optional aspects to this product include:

  • Sizes: 3.2m, 3.6m, 4.0m
  • Canopy colour
  • Frame colour
  • Storage cover (optional)
  • In-ground or bolt-down base options

For more in-depth information, click here.

Deluxe and Ultimate

Our Deluxe and Ultimate range are similar in most ways. They both:

  • Have an extruded frame with the mechanics built inside. The extruded frame offers more stability and a higher wind-rating, and also is more aesthetically more pleasing
  • Rotate 360 degrees (standard)
  • Offer single tilt functionality (standard)
  • Offer double tilt upgrade (optional)
  • Offer a range of sizes in the octagonal shape
  • Colours of frame and canopy can be selected to suit you
  • In-ground or bolt down base options
  • Storage cover (optional)

The Ultimate umbrella comes with height adjustability – meaning the open canopy can be lowered or lifted higher. This function can be crucial when the umbrella needs to be installed on ground higher/lower than the desired shade area, to offer privacy from above or the side, and/or to create a warm and cosy environment for a hot-tub/spa.

The Ultimate umbrella only comes in the octagonal shape, in the following sizes:

  • 3.6m
  • 4.0m
  • 4.5m

In contrast, the Deluxe is available in these shapes and sizes:

  • 3.2m octagonal/square
  • 3.6m octagonal/square
  • 4.0m octagonal
  • 4.0m x 2.6m rectangular
  • 2.6m x 4.0m rectangular
  • 4.5m octagonal
  • 5.0m octagonal.

To see more on the Deluxe umbrella, click here. To read more about our Ultimate umbrella, click here.

To see a diagram that summarises the differences between our Classic, Deluxe, and Ultimate umbrellas, see the table below.


The Commercial Cantilever umbrella is the most distinct product of the four as it is built specifically for heavier winds. The higher wind-rating  It is the choice for restaurants, resorts, kindergartens, hotels, community and sports clubs, and airbnb properties.

The Commercial Cantilever can be used in residential settings where the priorities are:

  • Higher wind-rating (110km/hr)
  • A preference to put up and leave up
  • Choice of frame and canopy colours
  • Fire retardant Mehler’s FR580 is recommended for longevity
  • Can rotate 360 degrees.

To see more images or information about the Commercial Cantilever umbrella, click here.