Revolvashade Rectangular Umbrella
3m x 4.8m

Carport Shade Rectangular Umbrella

Rectangular Umbrella Features

  • Canopy size is 3m x 4.8m
  • Available in rectangular only
  • Side post positioned on centre of 4.8m side
  • Choice of inground or large boltdown base
  • Can be operated easily by only one person
  • Opened & closed with cordless drill (not included) or winder handle (included)
  • Certified wind rating of up to 100km/h
  • Large range of colour choices for both canopy and frame
  • Premium quality Solution Dyed Acrylic (SDA) canopy


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Quality shade protection for your carport

Our rectangular umbrella is the perfect solution when looking to protect your car, boat, caravan, patio and small inner-city metro properties such as Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, etc. from the elements. Don’t have room for a carport due to council regulations? Using this as a carport shade is the answer. Can be portable, or permanent.

It still lives up to the Revolvashade name by delivering full 360° rotation.  This means you can have it over your car and swing it around to cover another area nearby. Our rectangular umbrella does not retract back to the side post so that it can deliver the structural strength you would expect to find in a commercial umbrella.  It does collapse down and can rotate a full 360° to ensure that when you’re not using it you can swing it out of the way.

It is part of our Light Commercial range of umbrellas and is therefore structurally very strong, it has a certified wind rating of up to 90km/h. Measuring 3m x 4.8m it is large enough to cover a 4WD but can also be used for patio shade or other outdoor areas that require shading.

The base is concreted into the ground but the umbrella is locked onto the base and can be fully removed if required.  This can not only save you lots of money but also time, frustration and heartache. If you need any extra information or have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

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