Revolvashade Deluxe Cantilever Umbrella

  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Double Tilt


    – Octagonal Single Tilt available in 3.2m, 3.6m, 4m, 4.5m and 5m 
    – Octagonal Double Tilt available in 3.2m, 3.6m, 4m and 4.5m

  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Single Tilt
  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Double Tilt
  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Double Tilt
  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Double Tilt
  • Deluxe Square

    Square available in 3.2m and 3.6m as single tilt.

  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Single Tilt
  • Revolvashade Deluxe Umbrella Double Tilt
  • Also available in rectangular 4m x 2.6m

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Deluxe Features

  • Available in Octagonal, Square and Rectangular.
  • Available in single tilt or double tilt models.
  • Single tilt Octagonal 3.2m, 3.6m, 4m, 4.5m and 5m.
  • Single tilt Square 3.2m, 3.6m and 4m.
  • Rectangular in Single tilt 4m x 2.6m with choice of side post in centre of either side.
  • Double tilt Octagonal 3.6m, 4m and 4.5m.
  • Full 360° rotation.
  • Fully retractable back to side post when closed.
  • Certified wind ratings vary from 60.5km/h up to 92.5km/h depending on size and shape.
  • All wind ratings are for umbrellas with the canopy erected in a horizontal position. A tilted canopy will have a lower wind rating.
  • Boltdown or inground base options.
  • Internal webbing to ensure highest quality and smooth operation.
  • Large range of colour choices for both canopy and frame.
  • Unique non-square structural aluminium frame design for exceptional strength.
  • Premium quality Solution Dyed Acrylic (SDA) canopy.
  • Canopy can be tilted and swung for your required shade and privacy needs by your pool, or outdoor setting.

Quality Sun Protection For Your Home, Pool and Garden Area

Our Deluxe cantilever umbrella range is our most popular model due to the large variety of size and shape options available.  Whether you’re looking for a patio umbrella, deck umbrella, swimming pool umbrella or a sunshade for your children’s play area, our Deluxe outdoor cantilever umbrella range will have you covered.  With our single and double tilt functions both available you have the ability to change the angle and full 360° rotation to stay sheltered from the sun throughout the day.

To accommodate almost any shade requirements it is available in octagonal, square and rectangular configurations as well as single and our patented double tilt option.  The sizes vary from 3.2 metres right up to a 5 metre octagonal.

The Ideal Pool Umbrella & Sunshade

The downfall of most other umbrellas is that the sun moves across the sky and they stay stuck in the same position. Not Revolvashade® umbrellas! We have you covered all day with our single and patented double tilt models. Not only can you use the single tilt feature and take it from 90° backwards to 70° and 45° but once locked in you can then utilise our patented double tilt feature. This allows you to tilt it side to side to block out the westerly sun or maximise your privacy from nosey neighbours.

Certified Wind Rating

Revolvashade® umbrellas are revolutionary engineered and wind rating certified. An example of a Revolvashade® wind rating certificate for our 4m Deluxe –
Deluxe Cantilever Umbrella Wind Rating Certificate

The certified wind ratings for our Deluxe umbrella range are:

Deluxe cantilever pool umbrella Revolvashade Wind Rating Table