Umbrella Stand Base Options

Umbrella Stand Revolvashade bases

Alternate Base Options

When you purchase a Revolvashade™ umbrella you are buying a highly customisable shade solution.  Along with the full range of cantilever umbrellas and centre post umbrellas, you also have the ability to choose which umbrella stand suits your situation best.


For a full list of the different bases available and their different qualities and applications, please see below.


Standard Boltdown Base

Our standard boltdown base option is perfect for the majority of our residential umbrellas. It is easy to install and remains in place until you choose to move it.

Standard Inground Base

Our standard inground base is for more permanent fixtures, if you know where you want your umbrella and have the space to concrete it in, this base is for you. It is suitable for use with all of our umbrellas.

Standard Stainless Steel Boltdown Base

Our standard stainless steel base has the same attributes as the standard boltdown base but is crafted from stainless steel meaning it won’t rust.

Base Extension

If you require an extension to lift your umbrella a little higher, we offer an extension of up to 500mm. This gives a little extra clearance for situations that require it. If you find that you need more than the 500mm this extension offers, please contact us so we can find a solution for you.

Large Boltdown Base

Our large boltdown base is used with our larger umbrellas to ensure they can maintain their certified wind ratings.  Our 4.5m+ umbrellas are best suited to a large boltdown base as well as our commercial ranges.

Large Stainless Steel Boltdown Base

Our large stainless steel is the ultra heavy duty base option.  It offers extra durability due to it’s stainless steel construction and is ideal for our larger (4.5m and above) residential umbrellas as well as our commercial umbrellas.  Due to the specialised nature of this base please contact us for any extra information and applicable prices.

Demountable Inground Base

Our demountable inground bases are concreted into the ground but for times that you aren’t using your umbrella you can quickly and easily remove the pole the umbrella slides on to and cap it off.  This ensures it is out of the way and not noticeable during times that you have your umbrella down.