ECONOshade Outdoor Shade Umbrellas (Factory Direct)

  • EconoShade Square Patio Umbrella
  • EconoShade Square Patio Umbrella
  • EconoShade outdoor shade umbrellas cantilever

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  • Available in Octagonal
  • Double tilt and single tilt models available
  • Single tilt Octagonal 3.2m and 4m
  • Double tilt Octagonal 3.2m and 4m – Patented
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Fully retractable back to side post when closed
  • Locking system/finger tip control
  • Engineered Certified wind ratings vary from 81km/h up to 92.5km/h depending on size, done by civil engineers not a made up wind rating stating (manufacturer wind rating)
  • All wind ratings are for umbrellas with the canopy erected in a horizontal position. A tilted canopy will have a lower wind rating.
  • Valance Optional
  • Stainless steel cabling
  • Large range of colour choices for both canopy & frame
  • Square structural aluminum frame design
  • Premium quality Solution Dyed Acrylic (SDA) canopy
  • Canopy can be tilted and rotated for your required shade and privacy needs
  • Base Options: Inground, Boltdown or Demountable
  • ORIGINAL DESIGNS, beware of imitations
  • Only REVOLVASHADE® can offer you this special price.
  • If you can't get the double tilt action then you know who the creators are and who the imitators are.
  •  Contact us for more info
  • 3 Year Warranty!
    (Conditions Apply)

Price List - REVOLVASHADE® ECONOshade Models in Standard Colour Range:


  • ECONOshade Single Tilt Octagonal 3.2m Canopy $2,777.00 Incl GST

  • ECONOshade Single Tilt Octagonal 4.0m Canopy $2,963.00 Incl GST

  • ECONOshade Double Tilt Octagonal 3.2m Canopy $3,116.00 Incl GST

  • ECONOshade Double Tilt Octagonal 4.0m Canopy $3,302.00 Incl GST

  • Inground & Boltdown Base - $315.00 Incl GST

  • Optional Valance $220.00 Incl GST Extra

  • Optional Protective Storage Cover Standard Colour Range $420.00

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Quality sun protection at an affordable price

Our ECONOshade outdoor shade umbrellas are proudly Australian made, with 3 optional Tilt height levels. It was designed and created by us, the original creators of all side post umbrellas in Australia.

This umbrella can be retracted back to the post. Revolvashade® means it can rotate 360 degrees, we also have a double tilt variant hence our patent.

Our ECONOshade umbrella range is the more of the economical option for those still wanting a premium quality umbrella.

While delivering a large variety of shapes, sizes and functionality there are slight differences such as the use of stainless steel cabling.  Also, a great option for those looking to shade their outdoor entertainment area, deck, swimming pool or children’s sandpit. Our ECONOshade cantilever umbrella range will keep you covered. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to comfort. Revolvashade offer the best outdoor shade umbrellas available.

The ECONOshade has been around for 22+ years and is the original, iconic design.


Our ECONOshade has the following certified wind ratings

Especially important, you have the ability to change the angle and position to stay sheltered from the sun throughout the day. We can accommodate almost any shade requirements. In addition, we offer single and our patented double tilt option.

The downfall of most other umbrellas is that the sun moves across the sky and they stay stuck in the same position. Not Revolvashade™ umbrellas! We have you covered all day with our single and patented double tilt models. You’re able to use the single tilt feature and take it from 90° backwards to 70° and 45°. Furthermore, once locked in you can then utilize our patented double tilt feature. This allows you to tilt it side to side to block out the westerly sun or maximize your privacy from nosey neighbors.

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