The inventor of the side post umbrella in Australia

Sally and Ekkehard Koehn proudly started the Revolvashade business over 27 years ago here in Australia. Ekkehard Koehn is the inventor of the original side post umbrella in Australia, with many other inventions and patents to his name.

Ekkehard comes from a family of boat builders, doctors and artists and has been a proud Australian since 1986. He has been designing a range of different products since 1960. At one point during his career he helped design and build a prototype wind tunnel at Queensland University. He created his first umbrella in 1989 and through a series of different models and design tweaks, Ekkehard has turned a humble umbrella into the iconic Revolvashade® brand many know and love today. As a result, there’s simply no cantilever umbrella on the market that can match the quality and versatility that a Revolvashade umbrella can. Above all, every single one of these unique umbrellas are made locally in our Brisbane factory.

Revolvashade make serious umbrellas

We have been manufacturing these inventive and unique umbrellas for over 27 years! This patented design has been wrongfully imitated and stolen over the years. Not only that, but a soft touch Federal Court judge gave these thieves permission to sell the remaining stock of their made in China umbrellas. This is why we always say “Beware of copies and imitations”. Because of their cheap parts and shoddy manufacturing, warranties and repairs on these imitations may as well be put on your wishlist. We are still here after 25+ years for to provide support and solutions for our Revolvashade® umbrellas. You are more than welcome to contact us if you are a victim of these imitations and stolen products. Because there’s no better way to have quality than to buy from the original inventor of the side post umbrella.

A young Ekkehard Koehn, the inventor of the side post umbrella

Pictured: A young Ekkehard Koehn with his mother.

Ekkehard Koehn - Inventor and Director of Revolvashade Umbrellas and inventor of the side post umbrella

A Guarantee of Quality

Here at Revolvashade, we can guarantee our customers they will have the highest quality umbrella possible. We justify this guarantee with:

  • The largest range of options for umbrella models, sizes and colours
  • A 20 year structural warranty for our umbrella frames
  • Unique and unmatched designs
  • 100% Australian Made Umbrellas and Australian service
  • Engineered & Certified Wind Ratings for all of our umbrellas
  • Support and service for your umbrella even beyond its warranty
  • Premium quality Solution Dyed Acrylic for our umbrella canopies and storage covers
  • Canopy and covers which are waterproof, mildew resistant and UV resistant
  • Structural aluminium framework which is powder coated to the highest quality here in Australia
  • Fast turnover time for entirely custom made products

If you have any more questions about Revolvashade umbrellas, please feel free to contact us.