Revolvashade® Umbrella Care Instructions

If you’d like your Revolvashade® umbrella to stay as gorgeous as the day it was installed we have some umbrella care instructions for you to ensure this is the case. To minimise the amount of time spent looking after your umbrella we recommend purchasing a protective storage cover to keep it out of the elements when it is not being used.

When being used in permanent outdoor situations, the canopy should be hosed regularly to remove dust, bird droppings, etc. and other solid particles.

To ensure that water repellency is fully retained after continuous outdoor exposure, the fabric should be treated with a water repellent compound every 12 months or so.

The canopy may be washed with a mild solution of soap in lukewarm water (max 38C, 100F) and rinsed thoroughly.

Stubborn soiling may require treatment with a hypochlorite bleach such as White King®.

  1. The fabric should be washed with a solution of one part White King® in four parts of warm water, maximum temperature 38C (100F).
  2. Apply the diluted solution to the fabric with a soft brush and rinse off thoroughly after 15 minutes. Follow the safety directions outlined on the White King® containers.
  3. Fabric should be thoroughly dry before storing.
  4. As part of the water repellent finish may be removed after bleach application, the fabric should be treated with water repellent compound.