Payment and Shipping Details

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Already made up your mind? You can submit an order online here. After we receive the form, we’ll send you an invoice with deposit details. We recommend you be 100% certain on your order, as this is not an inquiry form but an order form.

Payment Options

To help make the purchasing process as smooth and simple as possible for you we offer a range of payment options.  The easiest and safest way for all concerned is to use direct deposit, straight from your account to ours.  We understand that this isn’t for everyone so if you would prefer you can phone us or come and see us with your credit card details as well.  We accept cheques as payment but please be aware that funds will need to clear before we are able to post your order.  For anyone looking for a payment plan we can certainly tailor something to suit a range of needs and budgets including a no interest ever option, contact us if you would like some more details.

Payment Details

When you purchase one of our umbrellas we will confirm all your choices of frame and canopy colours and then send you an invoice.  We ask for a 30% deposit to get started on manufacturing your umbrella and for the balance to be paid in full before it leaves our factory.

Shipping Details

Due to the fact that all of our umbrellas are fully customisable for individual circumstances we are unable to give a flat or calculated shipping rate online.  When you purchase an umbrella from us we will send you an invoice letting you know of the shipping costs associated with your order.  If you would like an idea of how much shipping is going to cost, please contact us to let us know where you are located and the product you are interested in purchasing so we can get a price for you.  As always, if there are any details you would like to discuss or would like clarified either give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with all relevant information.

Lead Time

The time it takes for us to make your umbrella and get it shipped to you can vary depending on a number of different factors.  We can safely say delivery should occur between 1-3 weeks however if you need it sooner than that let us know and we should be able to work something out.