How To Choose The Right Umbrella

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which umbrella is the right one to buy. Each of our umbrella models have different features and functions and can therefore be used in a wide range of different situations.

Revolvashade giant umbrella stainless steel boltdown baseBefore you get to the point of choosing the umbrella, what is equally as important and is sometimes overlooked is choosing the right base. We offer boltdown (pictured) bases and an inground base. If you have an area that you can easily (yeah right, like it’s ever easy) dig a hole and concrete in a base then an inground base is the best option. If you have a concrete slab or a decked area and it just doesn’t work to concrete in a base, then our boltdown base is definitely what you’re after. Our standard boltdown bases are suitable for all of our umbrellas up to 4.5 metres, after that you’ll need to move up to a large boltdown base just to ensure your umbrella is stable and strong to keep you protected from the elements. If you’re near the water we also have a stainless steel base that is more resistant to some of the elements mother nature throws at us.

Now to the fun part, which umbrella is which? The first thing you need to think about is what size and shape is best to cover the area you 096need to shade. We make rectangular, square and octagonal umbrellas which is enough to cover nearly any scenario. Once you know what shape will suit you best, work out the size you require. If you have a relatively small area you’re wanting to shade then just go as big as you can for the area without either hitting structures around the perimeter or overhanging the fence. If you’re in the fortunate situation where you have ample space and just want as much shade as you can then this is easy. Grab a tape measure or piece of string that is the size of your umbrella and add 20cm to it to allow for the size of the side post. Anchor one side where you would install the side post and then swing the string/tape around to give you an indication as to how much area will be covered. Once you’re happy with the size and shape required we can move onto functionality.

tilt 3You have the option of getting an umbrella with no tilt, single tilt or our very own patented double tilt. The no tilt option mainly applies to our light commercial models. These umbrellas are designed to be left up for the majority of the time. They can handle winds of up to 110km/h but when you’re not using them or there is some horrible weather forecast you can collapse them down and swivel them out of the way. Single tilt umbrellas can go from up (90°) and can tilt back towards the side post at 75° and 45°. This offers you more protection from the sun as it moves throughout the day than a fixed model. Our patented double tilting umbrellas have all the functionality of the single tilt models but once you’ve chosen your desired single tilt angle you have the option to then tilt it side to side as well.

Hopefully the above information can help you make a more informed decision as to which model, shape, size and functionality suits you best. If you’re still not totally sure and you’d like to make use of our years of experience and expertise just contact us and we will help ensure you get exactly what you need, not just what we want to sell you.

All the best and we sincerely hope you are relaxing under a shady umbrella in the very near future!

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