The History of Revolvashade™

1993 Original Revolvashade Umbrella

1993 The Original Revolvashade®

This umbrella introduced the concept of an outdooor shade umbrella which revolved 360º to follow the sun; no centre pole to obstruct or restrict use and a simple wind-up mechanism, features of Revolvashade umbrellas ever since.

The Revolvashade is a patented design but has been much copied in low-cost countries and these ‘knock-offs’ have been widely imported into Australia. Of much inferior construction compared with the genuine Revolvashade models, customers need to beware that they are buying the genuine article.

1995 Revolvashade Permashade Umbrella

1995 The Revolvashade® Permashade

The original Revolvashade umbrella was folowed a year later by the Permashade, a 360º, non-collapsible shade umbrella which was rapidly snapped up by coffee lounges, restaurants, hotels and courtyards. Of heavy aluminium and stainless steel construction to protect the umbrella against the harsh Australian weather, the Permashade was the forerunner of today’s heavy duty Commercial Revolvashade models.

1995 Revolvashade Bifold

1995 The Revolvashade® Bifold

A development of the original Revolvashade design, the Bifold was designed to revolve 360º to follow the sun, had no centre pole and could be opened or closed in a matter of seconds, as easy to use as a clothesline. It was both stronger and easier to operate than the original Revolvashade.

1998 Revolvashade Tilt-a-Shade Umbrella

1998 The Revolvashade® Tilt-a-Shade

An award-winning, patented design, the Tilt-a-Shade broke new ground in outdoor umbrella design. As well as revolving 360º and being easy to raise and lower, the Tilt-a-Shade featured a four-position tilt mechanism to protect from the low-angled sun. It was the direct forerunner of today’s Deluxe umbrella.

1998 First Revolvashade Commercial Umbrella Award Winning Shade

1999 The first Revolvashade® Commercial

The Commercial was a totally new, award-winning heavy duty umbrella designed to be left open permanently in all weather conditions. It was designed to meet the needs of resorts, restaurants, hotels and public places where maximum strength and minimum care was required for the ultimate in shade and rain protection. The official wind-rating was an impressive 200 km/h when opened while the side pole construction gave a maximum clear area under cover.

1999 Revolvashade Econo Umbrella

1999 The Revolvashade® Econo

The forerunner of today’s Econoshade, the Econo was designed to be a lower cost alternative to the unique Tilt-a-Shade. The model remained largely unchanged throughout the years, until its retirement from the product line in 2018.

1999 Revolvashade EzyShade Umbrella

1999 The Revolvashade® Ezy-Shade

A non-retractable side pole umbrella, the Ezy-shade was retired alongside the Econoshade model in 2018. Little changed from the original 1999 model. It is a less expensive design than the top of the range Deluxe and R&R models but provides precisely the same 360º rotation for maximum clearance under the shade.

So now you know all about the history of Revolvashade umbrellas. We’ve come a long way since inventing the original side-post cantilever umbrella. Want to know more about the inventor of both Revolvashade and CleverShade? Just visit our dedicated page toward Ekkehard Koehn.