Revolvashade CleverShade

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CleverShade Features

  • Mounts directly to our roof rack accessory
  • No poles, pegs or rope required
  • Available in 180° and 270° models
  • 180° option is 3.6m wide and 1.8m deep
  • 270° model available in 3.6m x 3.6m or 4m x 4m
  • Frame constructed from aluminium powder coated in Black Sahara
  • Can be operated easily by only one person
  • Perfect for 4WD’s as well as boats and yachts
  • Wind rating of up to 40km/h
  • Standard canopy colour is grey but wide range of colours available upon request and carry a 10% surcharge
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Applications of the CleverShade –

  • 4WD’s and Caravan shade
  • Boating/Yachts
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Work vehicles
  • Window and door awning
  • Utility truck and van shade
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Sunday/Flea market shade
  • Horse/equestrian floats shade
  • Electoral promotion vehicle shade
  • Mobile coffee vehicle shade

Think outside the box, that’s exactly what we did when we decided to make a CleverShade that could be wall mounted. Perfect for covering a patio area that doesn’t have the space to install an umbrella or (like we’ve done in the pictures on the right) keep your clothesline dry when there’s pesky showers hanging around.

There’s any number of applications for the wall mounted CleverShade and while it isn’t quite The Shade That Moves With You, it certainly is the shade that fits into the nooks and crannies.

If you have an area that requires some different thinking to cover, contact us today and we can get you shaded in no time!

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The shade that moves with you

The Clevershade umbrella is like nothing you have seen before.  Using our patented design this truly clever shade solution simply slides into the roof rack mount and then fans out to offer ultimate shade protection.  No more coming home from trips to the beach or camping holidays with so much sunburn you look more lobster than human.
The Clevershade really is the shade that moves with you.

CleverShade Car Shade 1
CleverShade Car Shade Outback
CleverShade Car Shade Outback
CleverShade Car Shade Blue
CleverShade Beach Car & Vehicle Shade Awning

Getting your 270° CleverShade ready for use is very quick and easy. All you need to do is:

  • Insert it into the end of your roof rack bar and secure it with the locking screw underneath
  • Hook one end to an anchor point on your vehicle
  • Fan out the canopy
  • Hook the other end to another anchor point on your vehicle
  • Loosen the locking screw a little and gently pull the CleverShade out until the canopy is taut and then tighten the locking screw once again
  • Chill out underneath The Shade that Moves With You

You aren’t only limited to using it on top of your 4WD, it can easily be mounted to a boat, caravan or there is even the option to attach it to a wall for at home protection where an inground or boltdown base won’t work.

Not only is it ideal for domestic uses, the commercial applications for the Clevershade are endless.  Coffee vans, mobile food trucks any work that involves an outdoor aspect can certainly benefit by adding a CleverShade to their vehicles.  Our friends at Concrete Taxi have installed the Clevershade on top of a lot of their trucks offering their drivers the option to work in the cool shade.