Specialty Umbrellas

Not only do we have a variety of residential and commercial umbrellas, we also have canopies that fall into a category all of their own. Our specialty umbrellas include our CleverShade and our Carport umbrella.

The CleverShade which can be attached to the roof of a 4WD, a caravan, a boat or even a work car. It weighs in at a tiny 15.5kg and can withstand winds of up to 40km/h. We have many satisfied customers that have used it for camping, fishing, travelling and for shade at the beach on a beautiful summer day. Don’t get sunburn anymore with the portable and easy to install CleverShade. It really is “The Shade That Moves With You”. So you want to know more? CleverShade even has its own website here.

Our Carport umbrella is ideal for anyone looking to cover a car, boat, caravan or trailer. It is 3 metres by 4.8 metres and is part of our light commercial range meaning it has superior strength to remain up for extended periods of time. With a certified wind rating of 90km/h, you certainly won’t have to worry about your vehicle with this bad boy protecting it. The rectangular umbrella photographed is actually located here in the factory car park and has seen both the best and the worst of Australian weather. We can guarantee the carport umbrella is sturdy and reliable ourselves.

Clevershade 4wd portable shade specialty umbrellas

The CleverShade

The CleverShade rooftop shade is perfect for camping, boating and fishing. It attaches easily to your 4WD or boat to shade you and your family all day long.

Revolvashade light commercial carport specialty umbrellas

Rectangular Carport Umbrella

Our Rectangular umbrella, also known as the Carport umbrella is the perfect solution when looking to protect your car, boat or caravan from the elements. It is part of our Light Commercial range and will keep your prized possession safe and sheltered in a broad range of weather conditions.