Revolvashade Heavy Commercial Umbrellas

Heavy Commercial Umbrella Features

  • Designed to provide maximum protection
  • Versatile with a stylish appearance
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials
  • 4m octagonal has wind rating up to 200 km/h
  • 5m octagonal has wind rating up to 165km/h
  • 99% UV block
  • 100% waterproof ferrari canvas
  • Canopy can be closed in case of cyclone warning
  • Company logo screen printing available

Our heavy commercial umbrella is ideal for any business needing to shade an area and not be concerned about how it will hold up in the weather. These umbrellas come with a certified wind rating of up to 200km/h and offer 99% UV blockout.  Umbrellas for commercial applications should never take time to put up and take down and with a Revolvashade Heavy Commercial Umbrella you will have peace of mind knowing that your umbrella is safe to be left in the upright position except in times of incredible strong winds.

Our heavy commercial umbrellas are perfect for a wide range of shading needs such as cafe shade, swimming pool shade for resorts, motels or hotels and coffee shops who require a shady place for customers to be comfortable.  This is certainly a “set and forget” kind of option when it comes to umbrellas, if you don’t require such a heavy duty umbrella we have a range of light commercial umbrellas that might be more suitable.

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