Commercial Umbrellas

Our commercial umbrellas are are designed specifically for businesses to offer shade to their patrons. Designed to withstand winds of up to 200km/h these heavy duty cantilever umbrellas and centre post umbrellas are ideal for a range of applications.

Whether you are looking for a cafe umbrella, coffee shop umbrella, restaurant umbrella or a swimming pool umbrella for a resort, hotel or motel the Revolvashade range of umbrellas will take care of you and your customers all year round.

If you live on or near the water you can definitely benefit from having one of our light commercial umbrellas.  Instead of having to worry about putting your umbrella up and down, these are designed to remain up for the majority of the time and only need to be collapsed when there are strong winds or bad weather.  We have plenty of customers who have had our light commercial model installed in their backyards and they are more than happy with their performance all year round.

Revolvashade heavy commercial hotel pool umbrella

Heavy Commercial Umbrellas

Our heavy commercial umbrella is ideal for any business needing to shade an area and not be concerned about durability. These umbrellas come with a certified wind rating of up to 200km/h and offer 99% UV blockout.

Revolvashade light commercial cantilever pool shade umbrella

Light Commercial Umbrellas

Our Light Commercial umbrella is ideal for people living on the water and businesses such as restaurants and cafes looking for a reliable shade structure to keep their clients cool and protected from the sun.