Umbrella Table Attachment

Umbrella Table Revolvashade Accessories for Drinks and FoodRevolvashade Luxury BBQ Pool Umbrella Table Attachment

Apart from having a totally unique and patented Revolvashade™ umbrella, do you want to add an extra element of exclusivity? Our umbrella table easily attaches to the side post and can be adjusted to any height you need. This means if you have friends standing around in the shade for a barbecue, set the table to standing height and they have a safe place to rest their food and drinks. Alternatively you can lower it and have it between two chairs or lounges beside your swimming pool.  

No more returning to hot drinks or drinks that have been knocked over because they were on the floor. Your food and drinks can now stay shaded, cool and safe high up off the ground. A Revolvashade fitted with an umbrella table attachment will make all your gatherings problem free. Just as they should be. Now that’s what we call relaxing.

* Please note: picture is to display table attachment only.  Umbrella is not included with table.